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The Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium is convened quarterly by the Boston PIC and is co-chaired by the workforce development directors at Mass General Brigham and Boston Children's Hospital. Established in 2010, the consortium has grown to more than 50 active member organizations and is now nationally recognized for its successful employer-led model.

The consortium brings together Boston’s largest hospitals, other healthcare employers, government, community colleges, career centers, and nonprofit organizations and facilitates discussions on labor market demand, education and training capacity, workforce diversity, and advancement strategies for current employees. Conversations often lead to action-oriented research projects, such as supporting 150 Bunker Hill and Roxbury community college students enrolled in allied health certificate programs and tracking employment outcomes.

The vision of the Consortium is for Greater Boston to create an efficient and effective system where

  • job seekers and employees are successfully connecting to positions at the end of training, and
  • employers are finding and developing the skilled workforce that they need to meet their vacancies and to adapt to industry demands.

If you are interested in learning more about the Healthcare Careers Consortium, please contact Ashley Hazleton McClafferty, Workforce Development - Assistant Director, at [email protected] or 617-488-1336.

Laurie McCorry and Joanna Cataldo — Working Together
Laurie is the Dean of Science, Engineering, and Health Professions at Bunker Hill Community College and Joanna coordinates education and training at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.Read More>

Laurie and Joanna are active members of the Healthcare Careers Consortium, and their professional relationship represents the kind of collaboration the Consortium is designed to promote. Working together, Laurie and Joanna developed a medical interpreter program which uses the workplace as the context for gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to serve East Boston's very diverse patient population. What started as a pilot program for clinical and administrative employees now continues as an established course offering at Bunker Hill Community College. The health center rewards participating employees with a pay differential for their training. This collaboration is just one example of the impact a cross-sector partnership can have on the lives of low-income and entry-level workers.

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