Job Readiness Activities

PIC staff work closely with students during the summer and school year to prepare them for employment through a series of career awareness and readiness activities.

Job Shadow Day

Job Shadow Day is a half-day event designed to expose students to the working world. Students shadow professionals during the work day to gain a first-hand look at the skills and knowledge required to succeed in a career.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews offer students the opportunity to practice interviewing and to sharpen their skills with local professionals and community members. Young people face an extremely competitive job market in Boston and it is important that they learn to hone these skills before heading out into the workforce.

Career Speakers

Professionals from a variety of industries share their career stories with high school students during class time throughout the year. Career speakers help students envision their own path to success.

Other activities

Other job readiness activities include participation in financial literacy trainings, Excel trainings, resume-writing workshops, and learning how to dress for success.