The PIC’s School-to-Career team connects Boston public high school students with:

  • Summer and school year jobs and internships,
  • Job shadows at companies throughout Boston,
  • Mock interviews with local professionals, and
  • Other career awareness and exploration activities.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Public Schools, PIC Career Specialists and Employer Engagement Managers coordinate summer jobs and school-year internships for thousands of students each year.

  • Career Specialists work within Boston’s public high schools. They guide, mentor, and inspire thousands of students annually and connect them with summer jobs and school-year internships. Throughout the school year, they arrange career awareness and job readiness activities. Find the Career Specialist working at each high school.
  • Employer Engagement Staff broker the relationships between students and employers by recruiting and supporting the businesses that hire students for a range of challenging jobs at healthcare institutions, financial services firms, life science companies, and other professional organizations. Learn how to get your company involved. 
Tyler Thomas — Finding his way
Despite struggling with commitment and communication during his junior year, Tyler Thomas grew to become one of the most dedicated and successful PIC students at Charlestown High School as a senior.Read More>

At the end of his sophomore year, Tyler was selected for a summer job that led to a coveted school year internship. By the time winter rolled around, Tyler found himself struggling to balance school and work. His grades suffered and he was not able to complete the internship. A community-based job the following summer did not work out well either, and he walked away without properly informing his employer.

Back at school in the fall, Tyler’s PIC career specialist helped him realize that he needed to explore different work environments. Fortunately, the PIC had just launched a career awareness program for students who might want to work the gas and electric utility industry. Through a site visit at Feeney Brothers, followed by a job shadow at Eversource, Tyler learned about associate degree programs at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) that provide career pathways into the industry.

This past summer, Tyler worked at Related Beal under the supervision of Matt Collins, in an internship the PIC developed with help from the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. Tyler is now taking first-year classes at BHCC. With support from his PIC Success Boston coach, he is intent on succeeding academically and qualifying for the Electric Power Utility Technology program, which offers paid co-op experiences at Eversource and the opportunity for employment upon graduation. 

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