The PIC’s School-to-Career team connects Boston public high school students with:

  • Summer and school year jobs and internships,
  • Job shadows at companies throughout Boston,
  • Mock interviews with local professionals, and
  • Other career awareness and exploration activities.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Public Schools, PIC Career Specialists and Employer Engagement Managers coordinate summer jobs and school-year internships for thousands of students each year.

  • Career Specialists work within Boston’s public high schools. They guide, mentor, and inspire thousands of students annually and connect them with summer jobs and school-year internships. Throughout the school year, they arrange career awareness and job readiness activities. Find the Career Specialist working at each high school.
  • Employer Engagement Staff broker the relationships between students and employers by recruiting and supporting the businesses that hire students for a range of challenging jobs at healthcare institutions, financial services firms, life science companies, and other professional organizations. Learn how to get your company involved.
Jean Colas: Building a Career Pathway
Jean Colas summer internship has helped him build on his career path to becoming an engineer.Read More>

Jean Cola’s earliest memories of architecture and engineering were at home, using his shoeboxes to build miniature cities. Now a senior at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, Jean looks to pursue his childhood dream and major in engineering or architecture in college.

Prior to summer 2021, Jean worked with his career specialist to apply to internships that would allow him to explore his field of interest. He was thrilled to be hired by real estate management and construction company Related Beal, and his internship there provided a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to build connections in the field.

During his two months interning (in-person) at Related Beal, Jean worked under the supervision of Assistant Project Manager Jesse LaMontagne to complete the unit inspections at the company’s new commercial and residential property at 370-380 Harrison. Jean’s role was to check that the building’s appliances and furnishings were in working order; he learned to use various spreadsheets to input his findings and submit these reports to his supervisors. Jean’s work on the project helped keep the property within its completion date. In addition, by working with various teams on-site, Jean received an up-close look at the multiple paths he could pursue as an engineer, such as civil and mechanical engineering.

Jean’s internship at Related Beal allowed him to gain job experience and establish professional relationships with his mentors, who describe him as an intelligent, skilled, and diligent worker who put his best foot forward each day he came on the job site. Now that the internship has ended, Jean plans to stay in touch with his mentor, who is providing ongoing advice as Jean makes decisions about college and career.

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