April 25, 2019

Intern Spotlight: Liz Bernabel

Liz Bernabel is currently interning at the PIC with our Employer Engagement team. She answers some questions below about her career journey thus far, her aspirations for the future, and her advice for students seeking internships.

Where do you go to school and what are you studying?

I am a Graphic Design student at Northeastern University hoping to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2021. Graphic Design was my preferred field of study because I fell in love with it when I was introduced to it at The English High School.

What is your previous work experience?

My previous work experience varies from customer service jobs outside of school to program-oriented jobs I acquired while I was studying at The English. I worked for my high school as a ‘Tech Ranger’, where we would take care of photography and videography for school events. I then went on to a great program called Youth Design that further connected me to my first internship with an awesome advertising agency named Boathouse Inc. Group. Interestingly, Youth Design and my previous internship were partnership programs with the PIC!

Why did you want to intern at the PIC and what have you been working on/ learning in your role?

What drove me to wanting to intern at the PIC was definitely my history with this organization. I truly feel that I can thank the PIC for many of my technical skills and educational experiences. I have been working through the PIC’s programs since Summer 2014, when I started my professional development as an Elementary School teacher’s assistant. Years later, through the PIC, I was able to attain studio art and graphic design related courses at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, intern at an advertising agency and meet amazing people along the way, all while I was still in high school!

Now, I work alongside the Employer Engagement Team putting together designs and contributing on larger group projects such website and social media content development. Given my experiences with the PIC, I knew that I would feel right at home and that I would continue to develop professionally and as an individual.

What’s your advice for students who want internships?

My advice would be to be sure what organization you want to work for and why. I truly believe that an internship can make or break your professional future. Learning and gaining concrete skills from those experiences is essential. I cannot express enough that as an intern or aspiring one, you need to take the opportunity very seriously, as these internships are your first step into the real world.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

The most valuable lesson I have learned is never underestimating the power of teamwork. Although, of course, it is not impossible to accomplish things alone, I have no doubt that putting great minds together is one of the most powerful commodities on the planet. Remember: “teamwork makes the dream work”.

What are your aspirations and future goals?

One of my main goals is to own a business of my own one day. Although I am still in the brainstorming process, I am sure I want my business to focus on helping and educating people, and starting or joining a conversation on ignored societal issues. As of now, I am thinking about a clothing/accessory business that combines design and activism in a fashionable way.

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