January 31, 2018

Youth Jobs Today for a Strong Workforce Tomorrow

How can increasing youth employment opportunities today lead to a more informed and prepared workforce tomorrow? We set out to explore this topic along with the GE Foundation through the #HireYouthChat. Featuring Kelli Wells, Executive Director of Education and Skills at the GE Foundation, and 2017 GE intern Kenneth Zhang, the conversation led to insights and resources around helping youth get early exposure to the workplace.

Work-based learning helps students develop valuable technical and soft skills.
The benefits of paid work extend beyond skills.

Paid work teaches young adults valuable lessons and helps them begin to build a professional network - things that are critical as they move forward in their college and career pathways.

For employers, learning is a two-way street.

Bringing young adults into the workplace means fresh perspectives, extra staff capacity, and a long-term investment in the talent pipeline.

Collaboration can help link the classroom to the workplace.

Ensuring that today's youth are prepared to enter an evolving workforce will take collaboration between education, business, and others. The good news is there are steps we can take together now to start building stronger pathways for students into in-demand careers.

So...how can an employer start a successful internship experience?

There are some key ingredients to making sure a young person gets the most out of a work-based learning experience. You can learn more by checking out the Employer Guide we developed with longstanding employer partner Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Check out our #HireYouthChat Twitter moment to see more of the conversation!

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