February 16, 2018

Making Sense of Financial Services

Now in its second year, the PIC is sponsoring a pilot program to help Boston public high school students develop the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of financial services internships. The Financial Literacy and Career Exploration Program includes a series of after-school workshops, skills-based trainings, and site visits to local financial services companies - all with the goal of preparing 50 students to secure competitive summer internships.

Delivered in partnership with the CFA Society of Boston and volunteers from local financial services employers, the program covers topics like student debt, credit, investing, and financial products and services. The PIC developed this program in response to student and employer feedback that students were not building the technical skills or industry knowledge in school to take full advantage of summer jobs in financial services. In addition, the large number of internship opportunities for high school students within financial services in Boston further demonstrated the need for this program. Approximately 24% of the PIC’s 1,081 direct, employer-paid summer jobs placements in 2017 were in the financial services sector.

Now in its second year, the program aims to serve 50 students and match at least three-quarters of them with financial services internships in summer 2018. The ultimate goal is to bolster the local financial services talent pipeline by helping students gain exposure to careers in this thriving sector while they are still in high school, thereby equipping them with the tools to make informed choices about postsecondary and career pathways. As one student said, “Being able to talk with adults who work in banks gave me the opportunity to open up my mind and explore my options and interests, and figure out exactly what I want to major in college and do afterwards.”

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