September 13, 2017

In Review: 2017 Summer Jobs Program

For Boston public high school students who participated in PIC-brokered job and internship opportunities this summer, the end of the season means celebrating the completion of robust work-based learning experiences. This summer, more than 2,700 students worked PIC-brokered jobs at local employers in industries from IT to healthcare to finance to nonprofit. Not only did they gain industry-specific knowledge, but also skills like communication, time management, and professional etiquette that they will carry with them through college to early career. 

At a tech-focused summer jobs showcase event in August, a select group of students presented the projects they worked on over the summer. Highlights included developing a content strategy for a new website, programming a voice-enabled survey for arthritis patients using Python and Amazon Web Services, and assisting with construction project management. These projects provided students with the opportunity to learn new skills in the context of solving real-world problems and to build professional connections with supervisors and mentors. 

Each year, we are inspired by students who leave their internships fresh perspectives and aspirations for the future. Many students see themselves in new ways and can visualize the pathways they must take to achieve their career goals. Likewise, many supervisors report seeing their work through a fresh lens and gaining new insights into projects. They walk away from the summer renewed by the energy and perspective of their high school interns.

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