Bodi Luse Development and Communications Director
work: 617-488-1322
mobile: 917-716-8193
Inanna Pickering Executive Assistant
work: 617-438-5469
Chase Richardson Communications and Development Specialist
mobile: 781-346-2558
Neil Sullivan Executive Director
work: 617-488-1320

Research and Evaluation

Joseph McLaughlin Director of Research, Strategy, and Operations
work: 617-488-1314

Administration and Finance

Deb da Silva Administration and Finance Director
work: 617-488-1302
Julie Jannuzzi Data Reporting Specialist
work: 617-488-1305
Annett McClanahan Senior Accountant
work: 617-488-1329
Jasmine Pitter Part-time Administrative Assistant
work: 617-488-1307
Wing Tang Part-time Administrative Assistant
work: 617-488-1313
Orval Thompson IT Manager
work: 617-488-1337
Kim Van Dyke Administrative Services and Community-Based Employment Director
work: 617-488-1312

Workforce Development

Ashley Hazleton McClafferty Workforce Development - Assistant Director
work: 617-488-1336
Angela McCabe Workforce Development Director
work: 617-488-1355
Abbey Weil Employer Engagement Coordinator
work: 617-438-5447
Mark Wigfall Market Maker
work: 617-413-5054

Youth Transitions

Darliya Bennett Re-engagement Specialist
work: 617-799-4264
Bobby Brown Launch Career Navigator, Project Manager
work: 617-571-2294
Annabelle Cataloni Assistant Director for Postsecondary Education
work: 617-488-1381
mobile: 617-438-5491
Janice Chory Career and Employment Specialist
mobile: 617-438-5499
Sircey Christalin Postsecondary Career Coach
work: 617-438-5499
Angie Encarnacion Re-engagement Manager
mobile: 617-413-4572
Fred Gomes Launch Outreach Manager
work: 617-438-5486
Kathy Hamilton Youth Transitions Director
work: 617-488-1316
Robert Henderson Re-engagement Specialist
work: 617-549-4926
Michelle Lima Re-engagement Specialist
mobile: 617-413-5054
Wilmer Quiñones Melo HOPE Forward Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-913-1488
Sophia Rehmus Launch Career Coach
work: 617-921-0514
Max Roach Re-engagement Specialist
work: 617-438-5495
Zainab Salejwala Postsecondary Career Coach
mobile: 617-872-6279
Zeida Santos Launch Career Coach
mobile: 617-413-7791
Fiona Simpson Youth Transitions Coordinator
work: 617-719-4812
Darnell Stowers HOPE Forward Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-549-2173
Claudia Torres Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-919-7719
Mason Williams Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-872-7593


Career Services

Nicholas Armstrong Career Specialist
work: 617-438-5469
Jessica Bain Career Specialist
mobile: 617-438-7873
Elizabeth Brownell Assistant Director - Career Services
mobile: 617-438-5471
Shayne Clinton Career Specialist
work: 617-413-4728
Anthony Contreras Career Specialist
work: 617-719-4838
Daniel Coyne Career Specialist
work: 617-799-4272
Kiley Danchise-Curtis Assistant Director - Career Services
work: 617-895-7040
Priscilla Gomez Operations Manager - Career Services
mobile: 617-438-5497
Lucey Gorrill Senior Career Specialist
mobile: 617-438-5457
Tammy Hingston Senior Career Specialist
mobile: 617-438-5484
Mertine Holland Career Specialist
work: 617-413-8077
Catherine Killen Assistant Director
work: 617-488-1379
mobile: 617-438-5482
Mikayla Konopka Career Specialist
mobile: 617-438-5465
Dany Martinez Career Specialist
work: 617-438-2135
Bec Nuske Career Specialist
mobile: 617-648-6444
Agnes Oyewale Assistant Director - Career Services
mobile: 617-895-7246
Rodney Perez Career Specialist
Shantalle Ruiz Career Specialist
work: 617-549-7101
Thaddeus Salen Career Specialist
mobile: 617-438-5473
Chante Upchurch Career Specialist
work: 617-571-5469
Marcel Williams Assistant Director - Career Services
work: 617-719-4837
Jimmy Wyman Career Services Director
work: 216-375-1545

Employer Engagement

Josh Bruno Employer Engagement Director
work: 617-488-1327
mobile: 617-835-2535
Mike Holland STEM Employer Engagement Manager
work: 617-438-5461
Laila Jalilian Healthcare Employer Engagement Manager
work: 617-913-4593
Nicole Jensen Assistant Director - Employer Engagement
work: 617-488-1367
Bruce Stephen Employer Engagement Manager, Information Technology
work: 617-488-1342