Neil Sullivan Executive Director
work: 617-488-1320
Karen Escarcha Policy and Communications Specialist, Executive Assistant
work: 617-488-1323
Emily Kahn Chief of Staff
work: 617-488-1303
Jessica Hatfield Development and Communications Manager
work: 617-488-1322
Travis Gendron Development and Communications Specialist
work: 617-488-1343

Research and Evaluation

Joseph McLaughlin Research and Evaluation Director
work: 617-488-1314
Anika Van Eaton Senior Research Analyst
work: 617-488-1362

Workforce Development

Angela McCabe Workforce Development Director
work: 617-488-1355

Employer Engagement

Alysia Ordway Employer Engagement Director
work: 617-488-1321
Valter Gomes Employer Engagement Specialist
work: 617-488-1336
Hilary Hutchison STEM Partnership Manager
work: 617-488-1335
Nicole Jensen Employer Engagement Manager
work: 617-488-1367
Dannielle Jones Employer Engagement Manager, Healthcare
work: 617-488-1339
Py Killen Employer Engagement Manager, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
work: 617-488-1324
Bruce Stephen Employer Engagement Manager, Information Technology
work: 617-488-1342

Administration and Finance

Deb da Silva Administration and Finance Director
work: 617-488-1302
Chary Bonilla-Chleuh Senior Accountant
work: 617-488-1304
Julie Jannuzzi Data Reporting Specialist
work: 617-488-1305
Annett McClanahan Senior Accountant
work: 617-488-1329
Orval Thompson IT Manager
work: 617-488-1337
Kim Van Dyke Administrative Services Manager
work: 617-488-1312


Josh Bruno School-to-Career Director
Boston Arts Academy
work: 617-488-1327
mobile: 617-835-2535
Teresa Alleyne Senior Career Specialist
Madison Park Technical Vocational High School
work: 617-488-1377
mobile: 617-438-5489
Taryn Beatty Senior Career Specialist
Boston Latin High School
work: 617-488-1393
mobile: 617-913-1648
Jha'Shawn Burrell Career Specialist
Dr. William W. Henderson K-12 Inclusion School
TechBoston Academy
work: 617-488-1391
mobile: 617-413-5054
Catherine Cote Operations Associate, Career Specialist
Boston International High School
work: 617-488-1379
mobile: 617-438-5482
Daniel Cuddy Senior Career Specialist
Brighton High School
work: 617-488-1365
mobile: 617-438-5451
Arielle Derival Career Specialist
Urban Science Academy
West Roxbury Academy
work: 617-488-1382
mobile: 617-895-7040
Roselys Esteve Assistant Director
Boston Green Academy
Boston Latin Academy
Community Academy
Community Academy of Science and Health
Josiah Quincy Upper School
Mary K. Lyon High School
work: 617-488-1361
mobile: 617-413-7873
Agnes Gakpo Career Specialist
Another Course to College
Boston Community Leadership Academy
work: 617-488-1383
mobile: 617-895-7246
Tammy Hingston Senior Career Specialist
John D. O'Bryant High School
work: 617-488-1368
mobile: 617-438-5484
Justin Lawson Career Specialist
Excel High School
Snowden International School
work: 617-488-1385
mobile: 617-872-6476
Valdir Lima Career Specialist
Dearborn STEM Academy
Jeremiah E. Burke High School
work: 617-488-1363
mobile: 617-719-4837
Jacqueline Louro Career Specialist
East Boston High School
work: 617-488-1376
mobile: 617-438-5473
Lindsay Nicastro Career Specialist
English High School
Margarita Muñiz Academy
work: 617-488-1353
mobile: 617-438-5499
Megan Orlander Career Specialist
Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
Fenway High School
work: 617-488-1373
mobile: 617-913-4593
Olivia Paquette Career Specialist
Charlestown High School
work: 617-488-1372
mobile: 617-276-4827
Boniele Parr Career Specialist
Boston Adult Technical Academy
Boston Day and Evening Academy
work: 617-488-1389
mobile: 617-571-5469
Durrell Queen Career Specialist
New Mission High School
work: 617-488-1382
mobile: 617-910-7105
Jonathan Rosenthal Assistant Director
work: 617-488-1384
mobile: 617-719-4811

Youth Transitions

Kathy Hamilton Youth Transitions Director
work: 617-488-1316
Emmanuel Allen Re-Engagement Center Manager
work: 617-635-2273
mobile: 617-413-4728
Samuel Arocho Postsecondary Coach
mobile: 617-549-2173
Elizabeth Brownell Postsecondary Coach
mobile: 617-438-5471
Annabelle Cataloni Postsecondary Team Manager
work: 617-488-1381
mobile: 617-438-5491
Elisio Depina Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-488-1334
mobile: 617-872-6279
Gabrielle Guity Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-488-1369
mobile: 617-719-4778
Jermaine Hamilton Dropout Re-Engagement Specialist
work: 617-635-2273
mobile: 617-549-7101
Cameron Mendes-Moreau Opportunity Youth Coordinator
Zeida Santos SkillWorks College Navigator
work: 617-488-1315
mobile: 617-413-7791
Tamika Williams Postsecondary Coach
work: 617-488-1317
mobile: 617-438-5447

For more information, please contact Emily Kahn, Chief of Staff, at or 617-488-1303.