Dropout Research

Too Big To Be Seen Report CoverAs part of the Youth Transitions dropout prevention and recovery initiative, several studies have been cconducted by the Center for Labor Market Studies, the Boston Public Schools, and the Parthenon Group. Members of the Youth Transitions Task Force conducted qualitative research to complement these formal studies.

In this section, you will find information on the social and fiscal consequences of the dropout crisis, on early indicators of dropping out, and on what parents, students, and community leaders have to say about the issue. For more information, please contact Kathy Hamilton at kathy.hamilton@bostonpic.org or 617-488-1316.

The Social and Fiscal Consequences of the Dropout Crisis

The most recent studies for the Youth Transitions Task Force conducted by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University were released in spring of 2007. They detail the considerable social and fiscal cost of the dropout crisis—to both individuals who drop out and to Massachusetts taxpayers.

Dropout Trends in the Boston Public Schools

A recent detailed longitudinal study of off-track students. The BPS, a core Youth Transitions partner, conducted this study in 2007 as part of its recent focus on reducing the dropout rate. Two earlier BPS studies provide important information on dropout trends and show the methodology used by BPS prior to the Parthenon study.

Dropout Outreach and Recovery

Reports on the PIC’s direct outreach and reconnection project implemented as part of the Youth Transitions work.

Too Big To Be Seen: The Invisible Dropout Crisis in Boston and America

This is the first major study of the Youth Transitions Task Force. The primary research reports are listed below, under quantitative and qualitative research and systems analysis are summarized in the Too Big to Be Seen.

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Systems Analysis

The systems analyses were conducted for the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Youth Council, a PIC subcommittee that advises the Youth Transitions Task Force.