Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs 4Since the signing of the first Boston Compact in 1982, businesses have been active partners with the Boston Public Schools, hiring high school students for summer jobs through the Private Industry Council (PIC).

The PIC manages the private sector component of the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Campaign, as well as a relatively small number of publicly funded, community based jobs and internships. About 900 employers, large and small, participate in this initiative.

Employers are recruiting the workforce of the future by providing students with real work experiences now, just as they are making important decisions that will determine their future.

Why Summer Jobs Matter

A broad-based summer jobs effort is important for a city. Summer jobs keep young people in constructive settings and off the streets; they help local employers fill summer vacancies and meet real business needs; they diversify the workforce; and they help prepare the next generation of workers to succeed in the economy. The right mix of work skills and career aspiration inevitably motivates academic achievement. From a public policy perspective, we know that employment reduces the dropout rate and increases the college going rate.

Summer jobs are critical for the development and success of teenagers. Jobs teach students the habits of paid work – attendance and punctuality, speaking and listening, accepting direction and criticism, and problem solving and taking initiative. They also provide valuable connections to workplace supervisors. The Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University has shown that summer jobs increase the employment, earnings, and college-going rates of participants after they graduate from high school.

Increasingly, employers are looking to their high school employees as a source of talent and diversity. By providing internships, employers play an active role in teaching students about their industries and the jobs available with the appropriate education, training, and work experience. The PIC actively organizes these internships in coordinating the private sector component of the Mayor’s summer jobs campaign.

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