Out-of-School Youth

Out of School Youth

Young people who are neither in school nor working have few prospects in today's economy. That is why the PIC works with those who have dropped out of school and those who finished high school without passing MCAS.

PIC dropout recovery specialists and career center counselors work with these young people to help get them back on track to education and employment. They help young people take the next step by enrolling them in school, GED programs, training programs and jobs.

Career center youth employment counselors assist out-of-school youth who need to pass MCAS in order to obtain a high school diploma, providing education and career coaching, as well as connections to local colleges offering MCAS preparation, alternative educational pathways, employment and job training.
The goal of the Boston Public Schools Re-Engagement Center (REC), one of the first of these centers in the nation, is to re-engage students who have become disconnected from their education.