College to Career

This program taps BPS graduates who have worked in the healthcare, financial services, and biotechnology industries during high school, and supports them on their path through college to a career. This program creates a pipeline of talent and diversity for employers and career pathways for Boston residents.

With no growth in Boston's labor force, graduates of the Boston Public Schools represent an important source of labor and skill for employers. PIC "college-to-career coaches" work with students to overcome the social, financial, and academic barriers to completing college. Financial support for this initiative comes from the Boston Foundation, State Street, and Merck.

The Coaching Model

PIC college-to-career coaches support students and broker part-time employment in their industry of interest. Each coach – one for financial services, one for healthcare – works with a caseload of about 40 students, providing services based on the individual needs of students. Coaches work with students from high school graduation through college toward a career. Coaches assist students in accessing the resources available to them at their colleges, workplaces, and in the community. Coaches help participants find jobs related to their career pursuits, organize peer support sessions and industry seminars, and broker tutoring and other academic supports, as well as gap-filling scholarships, when funds are available.