Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium

The Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium is comprised of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, labor organizations, the public workforce system and others from the city. The Consortium has two goals:

  • Enroll, graduate, and place graduates from healthcare certificate programs in occupations with high regional demand
  • Create a regional partnership to improve healthcare education & training pathways that lead to associate degrees.

This group comes together regularly to share labor market information and best practices for supporting employees who are furthering their education. Another focus is identifying systemic barriers to an aligned and efficient education and training system. As a region, we are looking at the continuum of care and relationships among institutions, to better understand occupational roles and responsibilities across healthcare settings to build career ladders and ensure that healthcare providers have the staff that they need to deliver the best care possible to patients in a culturally competent environment.

Critical Collaboration

On Monday, November 14, 2011, the PIC released Critical Collaboration, a new report from the Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium. The Consortium is a compact among community colleges, healthcare employers, and their workforce partners. 

The report calls for more flexibility in the scheduling of courses and internships for working adults. It also calls for more consistency in the academic standards attached to particular courses and more transferability for college credits throughout the community college system.

Labor Market Information Updates

The Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium regularly gathers labor market data from participating institutions and compiles occupational briefs.  These reports are meant to provide a real-time snapshot of supply, demand, and anticipated needs.

Read more about the first phase of the Consortium's work, which maps the current state of the healthcare industry in Boston, Boston's workforce, and programs to connect Boston's workforce to jobs in healthcare.

View a list of educational providers in Massachusetts that offer nursing degree programs, and their enrollment requirements.                        

Read the Labor Market Information Updates for:

If you are interested in learning more about the Consortium, please contact Meredith Miller Crouse at 617-488-1339 or