Boston Compact

The PIC is the convener of the Boston Compact, the city’s historic collaborative school improvement agreement among the Mayor, the leaders of Boston’s business and higher education communities, the Boston Public Schools, and the Boston Teachers Union.

The Compact’s goals are designed to be durable and resilient, and they are supported by important key measures. Periodically, however, the Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools call for a new Boston Compact when circumstances change, new leadership is in place, and the time is right for a renewed collaboration focused on shared goals.  Below are the goals and measures of the most recent Compact, signed in April 2000 at Brighton High School.

Boston Compact 2000

Goal One: Meet the “High Standards” Challenge


  • Graduation/Drop-Out Rates
  • MCAS Scores
  • MCAS Success After Initial Failure
  • Attendance Rate
  • State Funding for Boston Public Schools

Goal Two: Increase Opportunities for College and Career Success


  • College and Employment Success Rates (One Year and Five Years After Graduation)
  • College Retention (14th Year Completion Rate)
  • Graduates Meeting the Four Year, Public College Admission Requirements -- GPA, SAT, Required Courses (Note: These Are Also The Minimum Requirements For Four-Year Independent Colleges.)
  • Students Taking PSAT and SAT

Goal Three: Recruit and Prepare the Next Generation of Teachers and Principals


  • Qualified Applicants for Teaching Positions (By Content Area, By Race)
  • Colleges and Universities Signing The New Teacher Preparation Agreement (Teacher Preparation Institutional Agreement)
  • “Professional Development School” Agreements Between Individual Public Schools and Selected Colleges and Universities
  • Applicants Offered Early Hiring Commitments Annually for Specific Boston Schools
  • New Teachers Retained After First Three Years of Teaching Experience