Summer Jobs

Shaylim Blackwell

Why you should hire a PIC student...

PIC students are prepared.
PIC Career Specialists provide students with workshops throughout the school year on resume writing, interview skills, and professional behavior and etiquette.

PIC staff will support you and your student.
The PIC can help you develop job descriptions and coordinate the interviews. Throughout the summer, career specialists provide support to supervisors and students.

PIC students can provide vacation coverage during the busy summer months.
Summer vacations can lead to staffing gaps. PIC students are able to fill these holes, helping businesses to run more effectively throughout July and August.

PIC students are the workforce of the future.
Many students return to work for their employers after high school, already familiar with work processes and corporate culture. They bring the diversity of Boston’s neighborhoods to the workplace, an important workforce objective for many companies.

PIC students perform better in school and go on to college at higher rates than their peers.
The skills students learn on the job make them more successful and purposeful when they return to school in the fall.

Summer jobs make students more well-rounded and productive.

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