The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) is a nonprofit organization that connects business, the Boston Public Schools, higher education, government, labor, and community organizations to create innovative workforce and education solutions that benefit Boston residents and businesses alike.

The PIC is the connection between education and workforce, between school and career, and between classroom and the workplace. PIC initiatives thrive on the synergy created when business and community needs overlap. The result is a win-win situation: Businesses develop the workforce they need and Boston residents gain access to career opportunities and higher incomes.

As an intermediary, the PIC (1) convenes local leadership around education and workforce priorities, (2) brokers employer partnerships, (3) connects youth and adults with education and employment opportunities, and (4) measures program impact, in terms of both quality and scale.

The PIC serves as the convenor of two major initiatives:

  • The Boston Compact, a school reform agreement among the Boston Public Schools, business, higher education, the Boston Teachers Union, and the Mayor.
  • Boston's Workforce Investment Board, a federally authorized oversight body that approves spending and measures the effectiveness of publicly funded workforce development programs, in partnership with the Mayor.

Review the Boston PIC 2015 Annual Report.

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